Custom logo text for Ksana Sweep Watch Face users

Ksana Sweep Watch Face users can now – since version 1.2.0 – add a custom text to lower top content area (the area just below the logo). Plenty of requests lately from users about being able to add their name, location, slogan & such, so I thought it was time to implement it.

If you don’t care much about this personal touch, there area many other (some more functional) complications for the lower top content area, for example: Provider (any data provided by other apps on watches with Wear 2.0), Company & model name (i.e. AppGlobe & Ksana Sweep), Calendar, Step counter, Date, Battery, World clock (any time zone), Digital watch (both 24 & 12 hour) etc…

As always you can use Ksana settings directly on the watch, but unless your watch has a virtual keyboard (Android Wear 2.0 has) you need to open Ksana settings phone -app to customize the text (you can open the relevant settings page on the phone remotely from your watch).

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