Ksana Sweep version 1.3.0: Performance & stability improvements

Here’s whats new in Ksana Sweep version 1.3.0:

  • Performance & stability improvement on watch -side
  • Fix for Ksana phone app sometimes not responding while fetching & sending missed calls information to watch

The screenshot below is not specifically related to version 1.3.0. Here’s a short description of its complications:

  • Left content area: Built-in Step counter complication.
  • Upper top content area (logo area): a Wear 2.0 Battery complication provided by Android Wear.
  • Lower top content area: Built-in complication for displaying company & model names.
  • Right content area: Built-in Date complication.
  • Bottom content area: Wear 2.0 Weather complication provided by Google (weather data from weather.com).
  • Background: Built-in background complication called Metal 3.

ksana sweep weather complication provided by google

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