Ksana Sweep Watch Face – now with Custom ambient mode

Exciting news, Ksana Sweep Watch Face version 1.0.6 is now live!

Whats new?

  1. Customizable ambient modes. You can now choose between:

    • Display everything (as previously)
    • Display watch hands only
    • Display a 24-hour digital watch
    • Display a 12-hour digital watch
    • Display nothing (blank/pitch black.)
  2. Memory fix on watch
Ksana Sweep Ambient mode alternatives Ksana Sweep Ambient mode: watch hands Ksana Sweep Ambient mode: display everything Ksana Sweep Ambient mode: 24-hour digital clock Ksana Sweep Ambient mode: 12-hour digital clock

If you have “Always on screen” turned off in your watch main settings, you can now prevent ambient/dimmed mode from becoming visible a short period of time when the screen wakes up and goes into normal/interactive mode.
Just choose the ambient mode alternative “Display nothing”.

You can find the ambient mode options under section “Appearance” in Ksana settings on both your watch & your phone.

Get it on Google Play

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