Help – Flashlight LED MF

Updated 28 July, 2017
  • The LED flashlight (camera LED light/flash) doesn’t turn on, but I know I have a camera flash on my device

    Please contact us via Feedback in the top right menu within the app. And please provide your phone model & Android version. By doing so we can hopefully fix this & update the app as soon as possible to make it work on your device.

  • There is no compass! There is a compass when I look at the screenshots on Google Play.

    It is a compass that needs a magnetic sensor (magnetometer) to work. If no magnetic sensor is detected the compass is removed (since it would be frozen in time otherwise). If you know your device has a magnetic sensor please contact us with your phone model & Android version so we can fix this (you can contact us via Feedback in the top right menu within the app).

  • When I press the SOS button nothing happens!

    You should get a little message when you press the SOS-button saying that you should adjust the flash frequencey (strobe speed) with the strobe wheel (just swipe right on the strobe wheel on the top). If the speed is displayed as “0” it means there is no strobe/blinking going on (same as steady light like a normal flashlight).

  • The compass doesn’t move!

    It is probably because your magnetic sensor isn’t calibrated. Here is a support article by Google on how to calibrate your compass: Calibrate your compass (the article is related to Google Maps, but you do the same thing for any app that needs to calibrate the magnetic sensor)