AppGlobe (Firma Martin Carlsson) is a company where I, , work with developing apps and web services. I also write articles on these development projects and development in general. Techniques covered in these articles are mainly web techniques like HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.

Currently AppGlobe is used (in addition to writing articles) as a site to showcase what I’ve developed, but will likely in the future also be used to receive requests for development assignments.

About AppGlobes use of Cookies

The following information is required by Swedish law:

AppGlobe uses cookies (small text files) to store the name, email address and URL you enter in the comment form displayed at the end of articles. This is purely a convenience, so that the you won’t have to re-type all your information again if you leave another comment. Three cookies are set when you make a comment:

  • comment_author
  • comment_author_email
  • comment_author_url

These cookies are set to expire a little under one year from the time they’re set. You can of course remove cookies manually before they expire. Here is a guide from Google on how to do that: Clearing cache and cookies.