Privacy Policy – Ksana Sweep Watch Face

Updated 25 March 2019

AppGlobe / Firma Martin Carlsson does not share, sell or collect any information used by Ksana Sweep Watch Face. All information is used for features of the watch face & the companion phone app. The information is sometimes stored, but only on your own device/devices.



  • read calendar events plus confidential information

Usage: Display calendar events on the watch face



  • Receive complication data

Usage: Display data from other apps on the watch face



  • read your contacts

Usage: Display contact name instead of phone number on the Unread SMS or Missed calls content types / complications



  • read your text messages (SMS or MMS)
  • receive text messages (SMS)

Usage: Display unread SMS & unread SMS count on the watch face



  • read call log

Usage: Display missed calls & missed calls count on the watch face

The above permissions for Contacts, SMS & Call log are no longer allowed to be requested by app developers, and therefore the Unread SMS & the Missed calls watch face complications has been deactivated. If/when Google will allow these permission to be requested they will be activated again.


  • view network connections
  • full network access

Usage: For connection related messages on the Ksana Sweep Companion phone app


  • control vibration

Usage: Vibrate watch when a preset is applied

  • prevent device from sleeping

Usage: Required for all watch face apps