Flashlight LED MF PRO for Android

Flashlight MF PRO is a multi-functional android app with following features:

  • Uses the LED flash as light source (or screen for devices without flash)
  • Lights up instantly at app launch
  • Has strobe (blinking) mode at adjustable speed
  • Has SOS mode for sending SOS signals at adjustable speed
  • Has a compass
  • Has text-to-morse functionality with which you can write a text and send it off as light signals at adjustable speed
  • Has a signal lamp (and an international morse code reference) that can be used to manually send morse signals
  • Has a fast access home- and lockscreen widget for turning on the light without launching the app
  • Has an automatic light off setting (optional)
  • Works on both tablets and phones
  • Uses high resolution/definition (hd) graphics for devices that support it
  • Ad free

Check out the Google Play store listing page for screenshots and video:

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