Performance & Battery Optimization for Ksana Sweep Watch Face

Many smaller updates lately for Ksana Sweep Watch Face. Most of them related to performance & optimization, but also a few bug fixes & calendar complication/widget improvements.

Here’s a log starting with latest version:

v 1.3.7
  • More battery optimization
  • Better step count sync
v 1.3.6
  • Fixed wrong calendar event being displayed when there is an All day event for same period
v 1.3.5
  • Better performance, Ksana settings
v 1.3.4
  • Stability & performance improvements – Fix for app closing while fetching calendar events
  • Calendar (next event) complication fetches faster, & the dividing line between event title & event description (when the complication is expanded) now uses the event color (usually calendar color)
v 1.3.3
  • Fix for companion app crash on some Android versions

Ksana Sweep: interactive watch face with wear 2.0 complications
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