Ksana Sweep update – Glowing second hand effect & custom backgrounds

Been a few version updates for Ksana Sweep Watch Face since I last posted. Here’s what’s new:

  • Full support for Android Wear 2.0 (so called developer preview 3)
  • Glowing effect to the second hand tail/trail
  • New dark theme for Ksana settings on the watch
  • About & help page added to Ksana settings on the watch
  • Open community link (via phone) added to Ksana settings on the watch
  • Review Ksana link (via phone) added to Ksana settings on the watch

With upcoming Android Wear 2.0 you can:

  • Add data provided by other apps to any content area (e.g. upper top, lower top, left, right or bottom). Data can be of any type (notifications, weather, stock exchange, moon phase etc). Depends only on what apps you’ve got installed.
  • Change to any background (e.g. a photo) provided by other apps on your watch.

This screenshot demonstrates Wear 2.0 complications

  • Background complication is from a data provider
  • Upper top content area uses the “Favorite contact” complication (when this area is expanded you can tap your way to the contact)
  • Lower top content area uses a Date complication
  • Left content has a Watch battery – complication
  • Right content area has a Notification count complication
  • Bottom content area has a Moon phanse complication

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