Ksana Sweep with full support for Android Wear 2.0: standalone, complications

Ksana Sweep Watch Face now has full compatibility with upcoming (February 9th) Android Wear 2.0 system update. Also, no phone will be needed anymore. Ksana will be fully standalone.
Only a few of the built-in complications (Unread SMS, Missed Calls & Phone battery) needs a phone with the Ksana Sweep phone app to work, and – since you can add any data (complication) from other installed apps on your watch to Ksana Sweep – that won’t be a big loss.

Perhaps the biggest feature of Android Wear 2.0 is complications. Complications works kind of like widgets on your phone. In Android Wear 2.0 you will be able to add complications/widgets to any content area (upper & lower top, left, right & bottom) on Ksana Sweep Watch Face

There is also a complication for changing background. Ksana already has quite a few built-in backgrounds, but in case you wan’t to change the background to a photo/image of your own, you can do so via a the background complication.

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