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Ksana Sweep update – Glowing second hand effect & custom backgrounds

Been a few version updates for Ksana Sweep Watch Face since I last posted. Here’s what’s new:

  • Full support for Android Wear 2.0 (so called developer preview 3)
  • Glowing effect to the second hand tail/trail
  • New dark theme for Ksana settings on the watch
  • About & help page added to Ksana settings on the watch
  • Open community link (via phone) added to Ksana settings on the watch
  • Review Ksana link (via phone) added to Ksana settings on the watch

LED Flashlight (and compass, morse code, signal lamp) App for Android

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Yep, thought it was time for another LED flashlight app in the flashlight jungle. Since Android 5 Lollipop comes with built-in flashlight widget, and precisely because it is a jungle of flashlight apps, I was completely aware that this could turn out to be a tricky project.

Anyway, I decided go for it, but to make this app stand out from the rest I couldn’t develop just another flashlight. It had to be something more.