Wear UI Library, Improved Missed calls & Unread text messages complications, Square dial ticks for square watches

Ksana Sweep Watch Face recently got updated. First to 1.3.1 and soon after to 1.3.2.
Here’s what’s new:

  • Improved & more immediate sending of missed calls & unread texts from phone
  • Square dial ticks on square watches (previously rounded dial ticks) [as suggested by Thomas Groß]
  • Update to new Wear UI Library for Ksana settings pages on watch
  • Fix for Ksana phone app sometimes not responding while fetching & sending Unread text messages to watch
  • Performance & stability improvement

Below are some screenshot to demonstrate the new square dial tick marks for square watches:

Square tick marks, how it looks now.

square dial tick marks

Rounded tick marks, how it looked before

rounded tick marks on square watches

One Response

  1. Thomas Gross says:

    Really nice update! Best Watchface.