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Color in ambient mode for Ksana Sweep users

Got quite a few requests to add color to the different ambient/dimmed modes on Ksana Sweep watch face. I’ve been a bit stubborn and refused to make this change because I believed it would hurt battery life and perhaps be hard to implement without risking burn-in on users watch screens.

I was wrong (to my defence the ambient mode documentation available is bit confusing and contradictory).

Ksana Sweep update – Glowing second hand effect & custom backgrounds

Been a few version updates for Ksana Sweep Watch Face since I last posted. Here’s what’s new:

  • Full support for Android Wear 2.0 (so called developer preview 3)
  • Glowing effect to the second hand tail/trail
  • New dark theme for Ksana settings on the watch
  • About & help page added to Ksana settings on the watch
  • Open community link (via phone) added to Ksana settings on the watch
  • Review Ksana link (via phone) added to Ksana settings on the watch
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